My online conversational French or Spanish language classes will help you communicate naturally and easily!

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I can help you learn effectively how to communicate in French or Spanish!

Conversation classes starting as low as $18!

Going on a holiday trip to France, Costa Rica, Quebec or Spain?  Would you like to be able to communicate effectively with the hotel staff? Order a meal in that lovely restaurant off the beaten track? Do you want to make new friends and really learn about the country you are visiting?

Going on a business trip to Bolivia, Mexico or Belgium? Would you like to promote your company’s products or services in French or Spanish? Or simply enjoy pleasant after-dinner conversations with your hosts, in their language? Would you like to brush up on your French or Spanish? You can join my classes with one of your friends. With my online teaching system, you can speak French or Spanish naturally and put your new friends at ease and make them happy. All these possibilities become open to you through my excellent online conversation classes!

I have studied French and Spanish in an academic setting but also in a practical way through my travels. Over the course of my career in international trade, I have done business with many French, Spanish, Mexican and Argentinian companies. Therefore I have excellent practical and theoretical knowledge of both French and Spanish. I am an extremely enthusiastic communicator! I will teach you to speak French or Spanish dynamically, effectively and pleasantly. Classes are live and interactive, on Skype.

Empower and energize yourself through new perspectives of language knowledge! Make new friends all over the world! Promote your products and services in new markets! All these possibilities open to you through my excellent and enthusiastic online teaching!Learn at home, at your convenience!
  • Learn with friends, at your convenience!
  • Learn at your office, alone or with your colleagues, at your convenience!
I love French and Spanish. When you learn in my online classes, you will too!
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Sample Spanish Class as taught by David Marshall
Sample French Class as taught by David Marshall
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